Curling Info

Western Cup Curling will take place Thursday, April 14 to Saturday, April 16, 2022.

All games take place at the Calgary Curling Club, located at 720 3 Street NW.

Thursday and Friday will consist of three 6-end round-robin games. These games will seed you into a single-elimination tournament on Saturday.

First games preferences are Thursday at (likely) 7:00 pm or Friday at (likely) 8:00 am. Finals on Saturday will start around 3:00 pm.

Fees are $440 per team; $465 for a 5 person team. Payment is via e-transfer, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to an additional 2.9% service fee. Registrations are not considered final until full payment is received.

All players must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and will be required to provide photo ID and proof of vaccination.

For more information, please contact westerncup [at]

If the tournament has filled up, please email us to inquire about a waiting list.


Currently Registered Teams (subject to approval)

Team NameSkipThird/ViceSecondLeadAlternatePaid
1.Oh, Sweep Jesus!Nathan L. (Calgary, AB)Phil I. (Calgary, AB)Rob A. (Calgary, AB)Adam M. (Calgary, AB)Yes
2.It's in the BroomsDavid B. (Calgary, AB)Daniel K. (Calgary, AB)Brandon L. (Calgary, AB)Brendan P. (Calgary, AB)Bradley L. (Edmonton, AB)Yes
3.Get Your Sheet TogetherDavid H. (Calgary, AB)Dean H. (Calgary, AB)Shawn G. (Calgary, AB)Colin M. (Calgary, AB)Bradley C. (Calgary, AB)Yes
4.PolywolydoodleJade M. (Calgary, AB)Brad B. (Calgary, AB)Brett H. (Calgary, AB)Tim M. (Calgary, AB)Yes
5.The Tragically SkippedClayton B. (vancouver, BC)Steeve L. (vancouver, BC)Adam T. (vancouver, BC)Peter G. (vancouver, BC)Yes
6.Curl PowerJohn E. (Calgary, AB)Chris M. (Calgary, AB)Mitchell L. (Calgary, AB)Brent B. (Calgary, AB)Yes
7.Flash for CashRandy B. (Calgary, AB)Troy G. (Calgary, AB)Keith K. (Calgary, AB)Jason H. (Calgary, AB) . (Calgary, AB)Yes
8.Polywantsacracker Michel M. (Calgary, AB)Tara T. (Calgary, AB)Tom S. (Calgary, AB)Jane D. (Calgary, AB)Yes
9.PolyglamourousGeoff H. (Calgary, AB)Thiago R. (Calgary, AB)Joel P. (Calgary, AB)Ivan S. (Calgary, AB)Yes
10.Big Draw EnergyMichael L. (Saskatoon, SK)James H. (Saskatoon, SK)Jordan H. (Vancouver, BC)Chris M. (Saskatoon, SK)Yes
11.The Rock DestroyersBryan M. (Ottawa, ON)Louis R. (Ottawa, ON)Corey P. (Ottawa, ON)Steele C. (Ottawa, ON)Yes
12.Dude, Where's My Slider?Bill D. (Didsbury, AB)Scott D. (Calgary, AB)Craig L. (Calgary, AB)Steven S. (Calgary, AB)Raed J. (Calgary, AB)Yes
13.Nice to StrangersJon R. (Calgary, AB)Logan C. (Calgary, AB)Peter W. (Calgary, AB)Nathan M. (Regina, SK)Yes
14.My Drinking Team has a Curling ProblemRyan . (Calgary , AB)Rory M. (Calgary , AB)Benjamin S. (Calgary , AB)kerry R. (Calgary , AB)Yes
15.Frosty NutsKevin K. (Calgary, AB)Stuart B. (Calgary, AB)Denis L. (Vancouver, BC)Terry O. (Calgary, AB) . (Calgary, AB)Yes
16.Making House CallsScot D. (Calgary, AB)Ryan H. (Calgary, AB)JESSE S. (Calgary, AB)JOE G. (Calgary, AB)FRANK . (, )Yes
17.The Golden CurlsMathieu L. (Ottawa, ON)Kevin M. (Ottawa, ON)Mike M. (Ottawa, ON)Chris E. (Ottawa, ON)Yes
18.Between Us Curlfriends Harlowe H. (Calgary , AB)Tony Z. (Calgary , AB)Travis R. (Calgary , AB)Matt A. (Calgary , AB)Yes
19.Give Our Rocks a TugJordan R. (Saskatoon, SK)Jason E. (Saskatoon, SK)Darryl F. (Saskatoon, SK)Ryan D. (Saskatoon, SK)Yes
20.Sissy That RockDustin A. (Saskatoon, SK)Jeremy J. (Edmonton, AB)Spencer M. (Saskatoon, SK)Daniel C. (Saskatoon, SK)Jon T. (Edmonton, AB)Yes
21.The HacksMathieu L. (Edmonton, AB)Travis C. (Edmonton, AB)Jesse S. (Edmonton, AB) Camilo G. (Edmonton, AB)Yes
22.House BoysMark G. (Calgary, AB)Dave S. (Calgary, AB)Scott M. (Calgary, AB)Trent M. (Calgary, AB)Yes
23.I’d Tap That Again Logan D. (Calgary, AB)Shawn C. (Calgary, AB)Darrel P. (Calgary, AB)Dan J. (Calgary, AB)Yes
24.Lost PenguinsArif H. (Calgary, AB)Blake d. (Calgary, AB)Fernando L. (Calgary, AB)Josh Y. (Calgary, AB)Luke M. (Calgary, AB)Yes
25.Hurry, I'm HardKeaton W. (Calgary, AB)Borden M. (Calgary, AB)Jesse M. (Vancouver, BC)Elliot C. (Calgary, AB)Yes
26.Butt Pirates Shane M. (Selkirk , MB)Michael B. (Winnipeg , MB)Kyle F. (Winnipeg , MB)Brenda E. (Winnipeg , MB)Yes
27.Nadine's QueensCalvin S. (Calgary, AB)Greg R. (Calgary, AB)Cheryl B. (Calgary, AB)Karen R. (Nanoose Bay, BC)Yes
28.Rock Your Socks Off Wade C. (Saskatoon, SK)Patrick U. (Saskatoon, SK)Wade D. (Saskatoon, SK)Larissa M. (Saskatoon, SK)Emil L. (Saskatoon, SK)Yes
29.Holatta Rocks!Corey L. (Vancouver, BC)Tim B. (Vancouver, BC)Darcy P. (Vancouver , BC)Greg L. (Vancouver , BC)Yes
30.Shady BitchesRyan O. (Bowmanville, ON)Thomas W. (Toronto, ON)Ryan M. (Toronto, ON)Ja V. (Toronto, ON)Yes
31.@backcountrygayzMarvin P. (Vancouver, BC)Jason A. (Vancouver, BC)Sam M. (Vancouver, BC)Jesse H. (Calgary, AB)Yes
32.Sweep Me Baby One More TimeDerrick G. (Calgary , AB)Braedan S. (Calgary, AB)Pawel N. (Calgary, AB)Eldon L. (Calgary, AB)Yes