Curling Info

Click here to see the expansion announcement, dated January 6th.

Western Cup Curling will take place Thursday to Saturday, March 28-30, 2024.

All games take place at the Calgary Curling Club, located at 720 3 Street NW, or North Hill Curling Club, located at 1201 2 Street NW.

Thursday and Friday will consist of three 6-end round-robin games. These games will seed you into a single-elimination tournament on Saturday.

First games preferences are Thursday at (likely) 7:00 pm or Friday morning. Saturday's C & D quarterfinals start at 9:00 am, A & B quarterfinals at 11:15 am, semifinals at 2:00 pm, and finals at 5:30 pm.

To maintain game schedules, buzzers will be utilized.

Fees are $480.00 per team; $505.00 for a 5 person team. Payment is via e-transfer, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to an additional 2.9% service fee. Registrations are not considered final until full team payment is received.

For more information, please contact westerncup [at]

If the tournament has filled up, please email us to inquire about a waiting list.


Currently Registered Teams (subject to approval)

Team NameSkipThird/ViceSecondLeadAlternatePaid
1.The LeftoversShawn C. (Burnaby, BC)Adam T. (Vancouver, BC)Shayne C. (Morinville, AB)Yves M. (Vancouver, BC)Yes
2.Sister HacktMathieu L. (Edmonton, AB)Jeff B. (Vancouver, BC)Dustin A. (Saskatoon, SK)Jesse S. (Edmonton, AB)Yes
3.Haus of HairballJason A. (Vancouver, BC)Peter H. (Vancouver, BC)Eddie A. (Vancouver, BC)Joel G. (Vancouver, BC)Yes
4.MacDonaldJustin M. (Surrey, BC)Mike F. (Vancouver, BC)Albert Y. (Vancouver, BC)Lloyd W. (Calgary, AL)Yes
5.One Gay HillBrent H. (Regina, SK)Ryan G. (Regina, SK)Mike M. (Regina, SK)Nathan M. (Regina, SK)Colton M. (Regina, SK)Yes
6.Big Draw Energy (BDE)Michael L. (Saskatoon, SK)James H. (Saskatoon, SK)Dylan S. (Saskatoon, SK)Jordan S. (Saskatoon, SK)Yes
7.5 Girls One CupCharley T. (Holdfast, SK)Dustin K. (Regina, SK)Kalynn P. (Calgary, AB)Nathan M. (Regina, SK)Jon R. (Calgary, AB)Yes
8.Oh My Guard!Scott R. (Vancouver, BC)Clayton B. (Vancouver, BC)Steeve L. (Vancouver, BC)Ryan O. (Vancouver, BC)Yes
9.FourPlayGraham B. (Edmonton, AB)Joel G. (Edmonton, AB)Nicholas F. (Edmonton, AB)Jamie G. (Edmonton, AB)Yes
10.Gimme Full EightBob H. (Vancouver, BC)David B. (Vancouver, BC)Matthew K. (Vancouver, BC)Cameron S. (Vancovuer, BC)Matthew G. (Vancouver, BC)Yes
11.Curlers and SlippersNathan L. (Calgary, AB)Phil I. (Calgary, AB)Jamie C. (Airdrie, AB)Rob A. (Calgary, AB)Yes
12.Hey Curl Hey!!Christopher L. (Calgary, AB)Mark Z. (Calgary, AB)Tony Y. (Calgary, AB)Joe G. (Calgary, AB)Yes
13.Sliding into your DMDaniel K. (Calgary, AB)Thiago R. (Calgary, AB)Tony Z. (Calgary, AB)David G. (Calgary, AB)Yes
14.Ice QueensCalvin S. (Calgary, AB)Greg R. (Calgary, AB)Cheryl B. (Calgary, AB)Karen R. (Calgary, AB)Allan R. (Calgary, AB)Yes
15.Team BareBachDavid B. (Calgary, AB)Brandon L. (Calgary, AB)Bradley L. (Edmonton, AB)James W. (Calgary, AB)Yes
16.Star Whores Brett G. (Calgary, AB)Mike W. (Calgary, AB)Ivan S. (Calgary, AB)Travis R. (Calgary, AB)Yes
17.Frozen TodgerTara K. (Calgary, AB)Jade M. (Calgary, AB)Carlin K. (Calgary, AB)Jared M. (Calgary, AB)Yes
18.PolywantsacrackerRandy B. (Calgary, AB)Brad B. (Calgary, AB)Jason H. (Calgary, AB)Jesse H. (Calgary, AB)Yes
19.Three Sheets to the WindBrady G. (Lethbridge, AB)Peter W. (Calgary, AB)Logan C. (Calgary, AB)Kreggan S. (Calgary, AB)Yes
20.Poly EstersGeoff H. (Calgary, AB)Keith K. (Calgary, AB)Tom S. (Calgary, AB)Vinny D. (Calgary, AB)Yes
21.Sheet stainsHarlowe H. (Calgary, AB)Owen G. (Calgary, AB)Brendan P. (Calgary, AB)Kevin N. (Calgary, AB)Brandon P. (Calgary, AB)Yes
22.While You Were SweepingColin M. (Calgary, AB)Mark H. (Calgary, AB)Ken S. (Calgary, AB)Andrea S. (Calgary, AB)Branden D. (Calgary, AB)Yes
23.Sheet facedStuart B. (Calgary, AB)Pearce A. (Calgary, AB)Michael N. (Calgary, AB)Kevin Vogt V. (Calgary, AB)Yes
24.PolynomialMichel M. (Calgary, AB)Clinton P. (Calgary, AB)Brett H. (Regina, SK)Jane D. (Calgary, AB)Yes
25.Jesus Take the PeelJeff T. (Calgary, AB)David H. (Calgary, AB)Aaron A. (Edmonton, AB)Yuki S. (Calgary, AB)Yes
26.IceHolesWarren K. (Calgary, AB)Dwayne R. (Calgary, AB)Troy F. (Calgary, AB)Kris G. (Calgary, AB)Yes
27.Sweep HarderBill D. (Didsbury, AB)Scott D. (Calgary, AB)Craig L. (Calgary, AB)Edward H. (Calgary, AB)Andrei S. (Calgary, AB)Yes
28.You Go, Curl!Jesse S. (Calgary, AB)Ben S. (Calgary, AB)Leigh M. (Calgary, AB)Brad S. (Calgary, AB)Yes
29.50 Shades Of GayJohn E. (Foothills, AB)Dave C. (Calgary, AB)Carson H. (Calgary, AB)Brandon S. (Calgary, AB)Yes
30.I’d tap thatLogan D. (Calgary, AB)Darrell P. (Calgary, AB)David O. (Calgary, AB)David L. (Calgary, AB)Yes
31.My Rock. Your End.Taurick H. (Calgary, AB)Peter G. (Calgary, AB)Andrew M. (Calgary, AB)Eldon L. (Calgary, AB)Mark J. (Calgary, AB)Yes
32.ShreimAmer S. (Toronto, ON)Lynnelle M. (Edmonton, AB)Lyndsay B. (Toronto, ON)Michael M. (Toronto, ON)Yes
33.Bi-PartisansJohn E. (Calgary, AB)Arsheel H. (Calgary, AB)Jeff C. (Calgary, AB)Joy B. (Calgary, AB)Chima N. (Calgary, AB)Yes
34.RbdJordan R. (Saskatoon, SK)Jason E. (Saskatoon, SK)Darryl F. (Saskatoon, SK)Ryann D. (Saskatoon, SK)Yes
35.RockstarsDillon F. (Saskatoon, SK)Trevor K. (Saskatoon, SK)Kurt H. (Saskatoon, SK)Chad S. (Saskatoon, SK)Yes
36.Call your CurlfriendChris D. (Vancouver, BC)Jean-Paul C. (Vancouver, BC)Jaret H. (Vancouver, BC)Brian K. (Vancouver, BC)Yes
37.Just The Tick?Philip B. (Vancouver, BC)Jordan H. (Calgary, AB)Dylan W. (Vancouver, BC)Sean F. (Vancouver, BC)Yes
38.Don’t Curl for Me ArgentinaMatthew P. (Vancouver, BC)Mark A. (Vancouver, BC)Derek K. (Vancouver, BC)Jamie W. (Vancouver, BC)Jim G. (Vancouver, BC)Yes
39.I’m Too Deep?Mark G. (Calgary, AB)Scott M. (Calgary, AB)Trent M. (Calgary, AB)Shane S. (Calgary, AB) . (Calgary, AB)Yes
40.Fruit of the BroomRyan G. (Calgary, AB)Stephen P. (Calgary, AB)Richard A. (Calgary, AB)Barry J. (Calgary, AB)Yes
41.Curling for ChristBorden M. (Calgary, AB)Luke M. (Calgary, AB)Elliot C. (Calgary, AB)Rob S. (Calgary, AB)Yes
42.Holotta RocksTim B. (Vancouver, BC)Corey L. (Vancouver, BC)Darcy P. (New Westminster, BC)Greg L. (New Westminster, BC)Yes
43.Hit & SlayMichael R. (Calgary, AB)Devin M. (Calgary, AB)Jason F. (Calgary, AB)Ryan H. (Calgary, AB)Yes
44.Break up with your curlfriendEric F. (Calgary, AB)Brody H. (Calgary, AB)Brian C. (Calgary, AB)Gregory B. (Calgary, AB)Robert C. (Calgary, AB)Yes
45.Slippery When SweptJoey B. (Calgary, AB)Darren C. (Calgary, AB)Krista B. (Calgary, AB)Maurie M. (Calgary, AB)Yes
46.Curl PowerDrew M. (Vancouver, BC)Jason M. (Edmonton, AB)Scott H. (Edmonton, AB)Andrew K. (Calgary, AB)Yes
47.Les pierres précieusesLouis R. (Ste-Julienne, QC)Cameron L. (St-Lambert, QC)Shawn C. (Calgary, AB)Gian-Piero C. (Longueuil, QC)Yes
48.RockhoppersArif H. (Calgary, AB)Blake d. (Calgary, AB)Josh Y. (Calgary, AB)Pawel N. (Calgary, AB)Yes